Who We Are:


The Los Angeles Music and Art School (LAMusArt) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit arts organization whose mission is to offer the community of East Los Angeles, primarily its K-12 population, with equitable and affordable access to multidisciplinary arts education programs. LAMusArt aims to provide East LA youth with creative paths to creative futures by means of arts education.

LAMusArt has served over 100,000 students since its inception, and continues its promise of providing financially accessible arts programs to its community members as a cornerstone of creative opportunity. As our programs continue to expand, our initial goal remains: to instill the value of the arts and use them to help our community members achieve happy, successful futures.

Who We Serve:

LAMusArt is dedicated to the underserved but vibrant community of East Los Angeles, impacting approximately 605 students each month and providing services to a total of 680 unduplicated students in 2015-2016.

Approximately 95% of our students reside in the city and county of Los Angeles, predominantly East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights, Downtown and South Los Angeles neighborhoods, along with the adjacent communities of Montebello, Monterey Park and Whittier. The makeup of our student population reflects the makeup of our community, of which 86% are Hispanic/Latino and nearly 70% come from low/moderate income homes (approximately two-thirds of our students qualify for free/reduced lunch in school). Our students face these socio-economic hurdles and other challenges, including gang-related violence and high school drop-out rates. We offer children a world beyond what the outside community has to offer with equitable and life-affirming arts education opportunities that afford them the resources for personal improvement and social change.

What We Do:

LAMusArt provides affordable, multidisciplinary and sequential arts instruction in music, visual art, dance, and drama during non-school hours to predominantly K-12 students residing in the greater East Los Angeles area. We offer tuition-subsidized and tuition-free lessons, as well as private and group lessons. Programming is offered Mondays thorough Thursdays from 2pm- 8pm and on Saturdays from 8am-6pm in our 11,000 square foot facility that features 20 classrooms, 4 multi-purpose rooms, and a recording studio.

Arts education programs are often the first to be cut when public school funding is limited, leaving many students without equal access to an arts education. Although engagement in the arts alone cannot be an indicating factor of the future success of students, studies have shown that immersion in creative arts programs can enhance aspects of students’ overall personal, academic, and professional lives (Arts Education Partnership). We provide the opportunities and resources needed to supplement a full and successful life of artistic engagement.