• Alumni Spotlight: Jason Castillo

    Alumni Spotlight: Jason Castillo

    Jason Martin Castillo is a film and concert music composer. He studied guitar at the Los Angeles Music and Arts School for seven years and later received a bachelor’s degree […]

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  • Alumni Spotlight: Eli Vargas stars in Cesar Chavez

    Alumni Spotlight: Eli Vargas stars in Cesar Chavez

    At the tender age of eight, Eli Vargas began taking classes in voice, drums, and guitar at LAMusArt. From the start, Vargas’ passion for the arts was admirable and his […]

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  • Alumni: Bryan de Leon

    Alumni: Bryan de Leon

    Although these days you can catch Bryan DeLeon traveling and making music with his indie rock band, Kitten, it wasn’t that long ago that he was a student at The […]

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  • Alumni: Jason Castillo

    Alumni: Jason Castillo

    Jason’s first musical inspiration came from his father, who passed down his love and respect for guitar to his son.  Besides respect for music, his father also always told him […]

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  • Alumni: Analisa Gutierrez

    Alumni: Analisa Gutierrez

    Analisa Gutierrez fell in love with the arts at age five after seeing the musical Beauty and the Beast. Acknowledging her interest in the arts, Analisa’s parents enrolled her in […]

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  • Alumni: Coreen Ruiz

    Alumni: Coreen Ruiz

    Coreen Ruiz, a 21 year old alumni of the Los Angeles Music and Art school, is continuing her studies at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA. She is pursuing a […]

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  • Alumni: Eduardo Aponte

    Alumni: Eduardo Aponte

      Eduardo Aponte, currently 18 years old plays the piano, guitar, drums, and accordion in his spare time. Like his sister, he has been studying at LAMu­sArt for eleven years […]

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