Current Students

  • Student Profile: Alice Weiss

    Student Profile: Alice Weiss

    Student: Alice Weiss, age 12 Disciplines: Music, Art, Dance, Drama Favorite Subject in School: Math Best thing about LAMusArt: Hanging out with friends Alice Weiss, who just recently turned 12 […]

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  • Student Profile: Enzo Chavez

    Student Profile: Enzo Chavez

    Student: Enzo Chavez, 10 Disciplines: Music, Drama Favorite Subject in School: Math Best thing about LAMusArt: Fun Enzo Chavez, age 10, has been a student at LAMusArt for nearly four […]

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  • Student Profile: Julia Zayas

    Student Profile: Julia Zayas

    Student: Julia Zayas, 11 Disciplines: Music, Dance, Drama Favorite Subject in School: Math & Science Best thing about LAMusArt: Music! Julia Zayas, a seventh grader at KIPP LA Prep, is […]

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  • Student Profile: Max Lopez

    Student Profile: Max Lopez

    Student: Max Lopez, 7 Disciplines: Music, Art Favorite Subject in School: Math & Reading Best thing about LAMusArt: Relaxing, Being with friends Max Lopez is a seven year old second […]

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  • Student Profile: Lesley Saldivar

    Student Profile: Lesley Saldivar

    Student: Lesley Saldivar, 10 Disciplines: Music, Art, Dance Favorite Subject in School: Writing Best thing about LAMusArt: Being around friends and taking different classes Ten year old Lesley Saldivar is […]

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  • New Creatives for 70 Years

    New Creatives for 70 Years

        The Los Angeles Music and Art School (LAMusArt) has always been committed to providing access to an arts education to the individuals in our community. As a school, […]

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  • Student Spotlight: Samantha Fang

    Student Spotlight: Samantha Fang

    Samantha Fang began taking piano lessons with Dr. Gideon at the age of 8 and is now beginning her first year at the Los Angeles County High School of the […]

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  • Student Spotlight: Tiffany Cruz

    Student Spotlight: Tiffany Cruz

    Tiffany discovered her love of music at age eight when she played violin for a local mariachi group. Tiffany then found LAMusArt and began to work on her music skills […]

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  • Student Spotlight: Diego Aponte

    Student Spotlight: Diego Aponte

      Diego Aponte just celebrated his four­teenth birthday and is also an avid pi­ano, guitar, accordion instrumentalist. He has been enrolled at the Los Angeles Music and Art School for […]

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